23.05.2016 EXPLORE: Mind Enterprises Chapita VR Video

Directed by eran amir, produced by nexus vr studio.

mind enterprises new 360 vr video for 'chapita' sees an army of dancer Mimi Jeong clones perform infinitely repeating moves inside an empty warehouse.

The musician and producer, a.k.a., Andrea Tirone, teamed up with filmmaker Eran Amir to create the 360° virtual reality experience, which evolves on the latter's VR cinemagraph technique. The video features a single Jeong multiplying until she appears as dozens of manifestations, each caught in her own elegant and colorful choreography-throwing a ball in the air, swinging a chair, painting herself, creating a segued immersive landscape of looping Jeongs. read more on the creators project: http://thecreatorsproject.vice.com/en_uk/blog/loop-army-dancing-clones-360-music-video-premiere